How Has COVID-19 Affected Free AI Porn?

Like most other industries, that of AI-generated pornography has been damaged by the Covid-19 pandemic. With lockdowns and social-distancing measures coming into force, people started to consume more adult content on the web. A report by SimilarWeb shared in April 2020 indicated that the online adult industry experienced a growth spurt of 20% over its normal traffic. This rising trend even applied to AI porn, with an increase in visitors seeking free AI-generated porn sites over the course of the year.

At its peak, during the pandemic (bet you thought it was over), Pornhub Insights did a study showing that traffic has gone up by 11.6% on daily basis worldwide. Dirty generation AI porn sites also saw an increase, echoing the increased viewership of computer-generated smut. Software developers, in turn, redoubled their efforts with the addition of these advanced algorithms and increasingly realistic avatars to keep up.

The pandemic has hastened advances in AI, which translated into higher-than-ever quality porn. Machine learning and neural networks created lifelike simulations, which pushed the popularity of downloadable AI porn higher. Like an AI company said that with the use of this tesnor it was able to improve its user experience and satisfaction in image, video resolution by 30%.

The economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic also impacted your wedding. Millions pushed out of work and their incomes slashed, meant that free AI porn would beat paid subscriptions. In doing so, it only confirmed the fact of life that in tough economic times people are going to want some cheap adult content. Consequently, 25% of new users began subscribing to some platforms through their free service.

Dr. John Hensley, a psychologist, commented to the BC: “the pandemic and related isolation [and anxiety] spurred us towards digital connections of all kinds including AI-generated porn.” In some ways, this is just part of the increasingly online trend of lockdowns. Following this uncharted crisis everybody headed to digital escapism which resulted in a peak of AI porn watching.

The pandemic also incentivized growth in virtual and augmented reality technologies (VR, AR). Well over 50% of VR sales in any year are used to watch adult content. Almost overnight, AI porn platforms emerged that now support VR experiences, improving their level of realism and immersion to provide more engaging content the user want.

Moral concerns remained despite the surge in popularity. Critics have also suggested the wide availability of free AI porn risks normalizing unhealthy body ideals and sexual practices. But defenders maintained that it was offering a safe, consensual alternative to more traditional pornography experience at time when people's in-person exchanges were limited.

In the end, AI porn was a pre-existing condition. COVID-19 just hastened its development and transmission. While the pandemic only served to underscore demands for tech-based answers in a crisis, it was also clear that more common sense technology had already been ruling digital adult entertainment: Though there are scores of porn website plugins loaded with ads and malware available online, plenty of folks turned to AI-generated pornography instead. You can even see more of that at free AI porn.

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